Update 2012/07: With new app store rules Apple now requires applications to be properly sandboxed and this guide does not describe this step. However, you can read about air app sandboxing in this post on adobe forums

Adobe Flash and AIR SDK are both very suitable instruments when it comes to development of a cross-platform game applications. With version 3.2 of AIR SDK and new Captive Runtime feature it became possible to create truly stand-alone apps for both Mac and Windows, which is especially useful for game distribution. The most attractive benefit of packaging AIR Runtime and application itself in one bundle is obviously a possibility to distribute it through Apple App Store.

Unfortunately, almost all guides found on the Internet are focused on publishing only on iOS — only one part of the App Store (the other two parts are App Store for Mac and plugins for Safari). This guide, on the contrary, is focused on Mac desktop application publishing.

Not all of our attempts to package Coloropus went so smooth and since we finally managed to pass Apple’s review process and publish our game to the Mac App Store, we decided to share a knowledge about major troubles we encountered during this process.


Hello, world!

April 6th, 2012 | Posted by Nina in Uncategorized - (Comments Off)

So many things began with this line – “Hello, world!” – one’s first html page, first PHP code, first program… And this is our very first post. So, i felt appropriate to begin it with that classic line.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably aware that this blog belongs to Pigsels Media – a team of indie game developers from ex-USSR space, who had just released our very first game, Coloropus. It’s likely that several persons will be writing in this blog, so i’ll introduce myself: my name is Nina, i’m Coloropus’ Community Manager (and you could have already met me in our Twitter or Facebook accounts) and nice to meet you!

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